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Initially, I had considerable confidence in my own studio system, but was taken by surprise the moment I connected the TRINITY. One clock had such a strong capacity to bring a three dimensional space and draw out the delicate subtleties of the audio. Then I wondered just how much better it could get if I connected the 10M to the TRINITY … and I was left with the feeling that I really needed to mix-down all my previous CDs ! This product combination dramatically improves sound reproduction quality in leaps and bounds. Once you hear the TRINITY+10M combo, it’s absolutely impossible to return to your prior set-up.

Profile: Hiromi Kubo

Born in 1974 Osaka. Engaged in the maintenance of pro-audio equipment for manufacturers, following graduation from the CAT Music Institute, Osaka. After building an extensive knowledge-base and experience-level in audio equipment, began work as a free-lance recording engineer focusing on the Indie scene in the vibrant Kansai region of Japan.

Notable Works

iyco 『MOYO』/ iyco『UTA』/ mlife / 蒼井美恵『I AM WHO I AM』/ 音緒strings『夢弦』/ 大阪ベイエリア祭『あぽろん音頭』/ 平城遷都1300年祭オフィシャル広報隊・演舞曲 / AIR SPACE JAZZ ENSEMBLE『swing!rock!soul!』/ etc.

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