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The Trinity is hands down the ultimate studio clock.

There really is nothing out there that competes at this level. A complete no brainer for any modern professional studio with a variety of digital equipment.

The clock has an excellent feature set that is extremely flexible for our multi room facility the 3 fully independent clock outputs allow us to run multiple pro tools rigs at different sampling rates which can be very useful!

For example, I can mix a 48Khz multitrack, print the master mix at 96Khz whilst our B rig is busy editing the next project which is at 44.1Khz with all 3 rigs clocking from the Trinity!

Its an extremely valuable piece of mind to know that all your digital equipment is clocked from a master clock of the very highest quality and you can get on with being creative!

My next step is to save up for the 10M!

Award winning UK producer Mike Crossey has recently relocated into Livingston Studios North London and has purchased the Isochrone Trinity master clock from Antelope Audio. The Isochrone Trinity is regarded as one of the most sounding and most versatile clocks on the market with three independent generators with up to 384kHz, and varispeed control, along with three SD and three HD generators and provisions for adding the Antelope Audio 10M rubidium atomic generator.

Mike has produced a string of recent hits with artist Jake Bugg, Tribes, Two Door Cinema Club, and previously has worked with Arctic Monkeys, Black Keys, Keane, Foals, The Kooks, Razorlight, The Enemy.

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