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Let’s catch up this summer in Nashville!

All visitors of our booth will be able to test Edge & Verge Mic Emulations and enter the Edge Mic giveaway simply by letting us scan your badge.
Come and hear all Antelope’s new era of AFX and immerse yourselves in our 360° drumming video, showcasing our Mic Emulations on a VR headset.

Hit Harder | Verge Mics handling up to 146dB Sound Pressure Levels

Exploring the Sound: Edge and Verge Mic Emulations | Drums

Recorded with Verge Mic Emulations | Free - Body and Soul

Recorded with Edge Mic Emulations | Mixed by Brian Vibberts

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The latest Shaping Sounds episode will take you to the Mental Architects studio. Sofia's noise rock duo decided to track their new EP with Discrete 4 & 8, Zen Studio+ and Edge Strip. See how Antelope Audio deals with their loud yet intelligent take on rock'n'roll.

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