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It’s an incredibly rare occasion that a state of the art recording studio closes and then reopens. In fact, it’s almost unheard of. If you’re not a student of Abbey Road Institute then the newly refurbished Angel Studios might have been off your radar, but believe us, it’s worth seeing. It’s an iconic facility with its own history now interwoven with Abbey Road. The studios include a brand new Dolby Atmos Suite ‘Angel Post’, two recording studios powered by Neve and SSL consoles and a spacious live room with the Iconic Speechley pipe organ, as seen in the films Yesterday and music videos by Nile Rodgers, Kylie Minogue and many more. And the studio has seen more than its fair share of influential music recorded there, including tracks by Adele, Ed Sheeran, Massive Attack, Bjork, Kylie, Trevor Horn and for films including Spectre, Les Miserables, Romeo and Juliet, Lion King, Spotlight, Leon and many more.

It’s the perfect facility to learn about music production and audio engineering and you are among the first to be invited inside the newly refurbished space. Watch this exclusive video tour and let Hannah Fitzgerald and Nik Georgiev guide you through the rooms inside Abbey Road Institute London’s new home, Angel Studios.

Education of the Highest Level

Abbey Road Institute is the specialist music production school launched by Abbey Road Studios and Universal Music in 2015. Originally based at Abbey Road Studios in St John’s Wood, they refurbished and moved into Angel Studios in the summer of 2021 to accommodate the growing demand for their unique education. The school teaches students by combining knowledge from some of the best lecturers and audio professionals, together with next-generation technology. These two aspects can truly prepare the modern music producer for a successful career in the music industry. Students not only get hands-on studio time, but also business classes which develop ‘soft skills’ such as studio etiquette and collaboration.

How does Antelope Audio Play It’s Part?

We’re honored to be partnering with Abbey Road Institute and have their students learn with our gear at their disposal. There are audio interfaces, modeling microphones and master clocks spread throughout the Abbey Road facilities.

Here’s what you can find inside Angel Studios.

  • A Galaxy 32 Synergy Core inside the studio for teaching on a 32-channel SSL Origin console. The Synergy Core effects are being used during tracking and monitoring. Thanks to the audio interface, this setup can benefit from compression on every single channel – previously impossible with just the console.
  • A Galaxy 32 Synergy Core can be found in the dedicated Atmos room for network connectivity and Atmos speaker management. The Dante connectivity allows for this studio to be connected to the rest of the building which gives engineers the ability to record sound with effects in the Atmos studio. With the new Atmos speaker management of the Galaxy 32 Synergy Core, engineers can now use it for monitoring too.
  • A Galaxy 32 and Galaxy 64 Synergy Core interfaces, clocked by a 10MX master clock can be found in a studio with a large 60-channel Neve 88RS console. The Galaxy 64 connects via HDX to a Pro Tools rig and the Galaxy 32 is connected to it via MADI to increase the track count for recording. This setup is also used as a separate playback rig connected via Thunderbolt to a separate Mac device – this is tailor-made for recording orchestras for film music. Can you do the math on how many channels this setup has?

Going beyond the borders of Angel Studios, in Abbey Road Institute’s dedicated studio for their students at Abbey Road, there’s an Orion 32 HD | Gen 3 used together with a 32-channel Custom 75 console for recording and mixing. Students there also have access to Edge Duo and Edge Quadro microphones. Students can also borrow a Discrete 8 Synergy Core interface and use it for location recording like live gigs and classical music performances in concert halls.

Successful Track Record

Abbey Road Institute graduates have gone on to work with artists such as Madonna, Adele, J Hus, Calvin Harris, Pink, James Ba, Little Mix and many more. Some of them are working for employers such as Abbey Road Studios, Universal Music, Metropolis Studios, Britannia Row, Netflix, Rak and Sarm to name a few.

The collaboration between Abbey Road Institute and Antelope Audio brings students the best of both worlds. Teaching both the skills and the expertise to handle top-tier gear can be the edge students need to advance in the industry.

Find out more about Abbey Road Institute on their website and our past collaborations on their blog.

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