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Visiting Antelope Audio Headquarters – Mathieu Diffort


Our friend Mathieu Diffort visited the Antelope Audio HQ in Sofia, BG! Take a peek inside the heart of our pro audio stronghold. Meet the masterminds behind our class-defining products and hear them tell their own part of the Antelope story.

Assembled from bright minds coming to Sofia from everywhere over the world, the Antelope team is multi-lingual, multi-cultural and welcoming to everyone with a passion for audio. We have musicians, producers, technicians, engineers, marketing and sales people working tirelessly to grow the brand and support its customers. The video depicts our team and founder, Igor Levin, at a critical point in the company’s 15 years plus-long history.

In this time, Antelope is hard at work expanding its industry presence with the development of breakthrough technologies like the Synergy Core DSP + FPGA FX platform. Synergy Core is a milestone in the development of latency-free DSP-based effects which defines the foundation for a promising future. Join us as we begin an exciting new chapter in our journey!

About Mathieu Diffort

Mathieu is the founder of Art’Society which helps fledging artists and producers gain access to music education and equipment. He is also the ambassador of PROSODIA and works with Antelope Audio as a consultant. Reach out to him at

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