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Let’s Create Together! Join the “Boat of Souls” Project

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Have you turned your home into your new studio for the duration of the quarantine? During these challenging times, we remain optimistic that everyone can take this as an opportunity to create something long-lasting. We invite you to join us on a quest to prove that social distancing doesn’t mean losing the connection between each other. The “Boat of Souls” project by LITTLE BIG BEAT STUDIOS, is a joint effort between songwriters, artists and musicians to create a song that will inspire and bring people together. Antelope Audio has joined the project to help with the recording of the songs! Let’s prove once again that music has always been a driving force in bringing society through the most difficult times!

As a starting point, our good friends at LITTLE BIG BEAT STUDIOS have created a drum beat, a guitar harmony and rhythm. The original samples have been uploaded and available to download on their website. You are all free to contribute however you want – record a bass line, keyboard, background melodies, percussion, vocals or strings and shoot a video while you do it and send it to The theme of the song is “We are all souls in one boat and together we can overcome this challenge”. See how you can participate in recording the song Keep On Shinin´ here.

We get by with a little help from our friends…

For us at Antelope Audio, it is very important for everyone to know that we all deserve an opportunity to be a part of something we believe in. We understand that there are some of you that would like to participate in the project, but don’t have the necessary tools. This is why we have prepared a limited amount of emergency recording kits to help the ones in need. We have understood that we can’t help everyone, but we’ll do our best!

Please note that the mechanism of distribution is first come, first served. It is important for us as a community to support each other, and it is up to all of us to provide the opportunity to the ones who truly need it, so please give them the chance.

If you need our help – drop us a line at and let us know why you would want to participate. Due to the current global circumstances and the time limitations of the project, we’ll be shipping emergency recording kits only in Europe and USA, to ensure delivery in a timely manner.

We can’t wait to hear your contributions to the project. In the meantime, stay safe and keep creating!

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