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The Analog Purity FX Bundle

The Analog Purity FX Bundle
The bundle is also available for the Orion 32+ | Gen 3.

Capacitors, transistors, transformers, and valves. This is what creates the character of the analog gear that was used in the modeling of these four effects. You can find that same character in the Analog Purity FX Bundle and look no further than our pure hardware modeling method to see why.

BAE 10DCF (Compressor / Limiter)

The BAE 10DCF originates from the end of the 1960s and can be used as both a limiter and compressor. It features individual control over both components, with the limiter coming first.

BA-6A (Tube Compressor / Limiting Amplifier)

Simplistic design from the 50s, loads of grit and musical character – this is the BA-6A analog-modeled effect. Its vintage compression sounds can be applied to great effect particularly on vocals and bass.

ALT-436C (Vari-Mu Tube Compressor Amplifier)

Modeled after a late 1950s legend, the ALT-436C is an iconic single channel, vari-MU tube compressor with fixed attack times.

BAE-1073 (3-Band EQ / HPF)

Modeled after one of the most iconic units in recording history, the BAE-1073 is your best companion if you seek an authentic vintage sound. It can be used to shape any source by adding a warm and true sound.