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The Guitar FX Bundle

The Guitar FX Bundle
Breathe new life into your guitar tones with three effects that make for a killer combo. The authentic flanger and tremolo plus a faithful EQ recreation that packs plenty of character is how you add new colors to your guitar. Everything else is in your hands… or fingers.

Filtek MK3 (3-Band EQ / HPF / LPF)

Originally designed in the 70’s, the versatile equalizer sounds clear and precise. The Filtek MK3 provides combinations of controls and switches that allow for plenty of experimentation.

Space Flanger (Flanger)

The Space Flanger can produce phases, sweeps, and swooshes that sound otherworldly. Run it through your guitar and prepare for takeoff.

Vari-Speed Tremolo (Tremolo)

A versatile take on vintage tremolos, the Vari-Speed Tremolo with a five-position Wave selector that lets you choose between sine, triangle, square, sawtooth, and inverted sawtooth modulating waves.