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The Sounds of the Valley FX Bundle

The Sounds of the Valley FX Bundle
The latest additions to the Synergy Core library are now bundled together in a dynamic trio that will make your hair stand on end. The manufacturer that created the hardware originals these effects were modeled after is said to be “one of the most best kept secrets in the signal processing world”. Try the effects out for yourself with the Sounds of the Valley FX bundle.

VP Gate Keeper II (VCA Gate / Expander)

The VP Gate Keeper II embodies fast response, clean sound & unparalleled musicality. This unique parametric gate will let you synthesize urgency, excitement, and punch from dull and lifeless recordings.


The effect models the original’s heavy transient-grabbing abilities of aggressive limiters. It remains musical and undetectable due to its unique proprietary gain reduction element.

VP Drum-all-nite (VCA Dynamics Processor)

This aggressive drum compressor is capable of absurd amounts of gain reduction while maintaining the signal’s integrity with minimal distortion and unwanted artifacts.