4x8 버스-파워 USB-C 오디오 인터페이스


Synergy Core

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Conversion & Clocking

• Class-leading AD/DA conversion with up to 127dB of headroom;

• Recording, mixing and playback at up to 24-bit/192kHz;

• Proprietary 64-bit Acoustically Focused Clocking (AFC™) technology & Jitter Management algorithm delivering increased width, separation, and detail in musical performances.


• 2x Discrete ultra-linear preamps with 65dB of gain for studio-quality recordings. All work as microphone/line/Hi-Z inputs, on combo XLR jacks;

• USB-C port carrying up to 8 input and 8 output channels in any popular DAW with custom macOS & Windows drivers;

• Secondary USB-C port allowing reverse-charging;

• Digitally expandable over S/PDIF;

• Analog monitor outputs including 1x stereo output over RCA and 1x stereo output over TRS (mirrored);

• 2x stereo headphone outputs with separate gain control, compatible with wide variety of headphones.

Workflow-Enhancing Features  

Bus-powered interface – powered by the USB connection without need for a dedicated power source; 

Direct monitoring with Synergy Core effects, processed in real-time with imperceptible latency; 

Simplified I/O routing with pre-configured settings, allowing immediate recording and playback; 

Front panel with dedicated volume knob and buttons for frequency adjustment, and hands-on control of core parameters; 

Customizable presets with signal routing, level adjustments, mixer and effects settings; 

Customizable monitoring mixes with adjustable volume, pan and reverb. 

Real-Time Effects Processing  

Collection of 37 Synergy Core effects modeled after classic and rare analog outboardgear; 

Synergy Core proprietary onboard platform powered by DSP & FPGA chips for real-time effects processing with imperceptible latency. 

Included Synergy Core Effects

• 2 Preamps (GyrafGyratecIX, BA-31)

• 4 Equalizers (incl. VEQ-1A, VMEQ-5)

• 5 Compressors & Limiters (incl. Stay-Levin, FET-A76, VCA160)

• 22 Guitar Amps & Cabs (incl.Bluelux1x12, Tube Guitar Amp)

• 2 Special Processing Effects (Expander, Noise Gate)

• 1 Reverb Effect (Auraverb)

• 1 Guitar Tuner (A-Tuner)