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I’ve rediscovered the sound of my converters. With the Antelope’s 10M and Trinity driving the clock of ‘Augustus’, the Forward Studios’ Mastering Room, the sonic image, the precision and the transparency of my audio chain has been highly improved.

The Marcello’s history has passed through the Analog and Digital audio era. He started his career in 1973 at the cutting room of the Italian RCA, in the complete Analog Domain, there he had the opportunity to work with great artists of Italian and international scene such as L. Battisti, R. Zero, C. Baglioni, A. Venditti, T. Renis, P. Domingo, Uto Ughi and many others.

Today Marcello covers the role of sound engineer at the “Augustus” Room, the first room of a recent series of studios devoted to mastering at the prestigious Forward Studios in Grottaferrata (Rome). From the ’70s till now he had the possibility to work with the best gear on the market, gaining an incredible experience in music technology, that’s why for the new mastering room he’s working in, his choices about clocking has been obliged: Isochrone 10M Atomic Clock and Trinity!

Antelope clocking makes the difference improving the sonic image, the detail, the depth and the width of the digital signal. A real bridge among the past and the future!

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