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Atarium, a 2-man formation (Wouter van der Wildt en Roelof Folkersma) are producing and recording electronic music using analogue (hardware) synths and drumcomputers.
“Pan”,  Atarium’s second number, has been produced using the Antelope Zen Tour. Both, Wouter and Roelof, are very excited about the Zen Tour. “The preamps and AD-conversion are from an unmatched level. All the sounds are clean and non-colored and because of the fantastic function of the FPGA-effects, this audio interface has no limits for us. The software is easy in use and intuitive, once you have found the correct workflow. Next to our studio recordings, we also use the Zen Tour at our live performances so it is very important that the equipment is robust and portable. Amazing, so many functionality without any consessions built in a small box. We love it”.
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