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We are more than proud to announce our brand new partnership with Italy’s finest touring audio masterclass Sound By Side. Their events happen twice a month, every time in a new city and in some of the best Italian studios right now. The masterclass takes three days and is led by renowned engineers Giovanni Versari (known for his work with Muse), Giulio Ragno Favero, Tommaso Colliva and Taketo Gohara.

Three days: Recording, Mix e Mastering, from drum tuning till final mastering bounce, by observing the know how and workflow of sound-engineers, who are making the history of Italian music, by having the chance of being side by side and interact with them.

Since their first February event in Roma, Sound By Side team is now traveling with Goliath HD, 10MX and Pure2 by Antelope Audio. Some of our most popular units will be helping the crew in the demanding task of educating the attendees in the magic of recording, mixing and mastering music with contemporary audio tools.

The next three-day Sound By Side Masterclass is starting from February 26th at SAM Recording Studio, Lari (Pisa).

Find the full and very busy schedule of the masterclass here.

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