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 Introducing V12 Chorus, BBD-Chorus and a New Windows USB Driver

The latest bundle version available for our Synergy Core interfaces is a big one! We have developed two brand-new chorus effects and added a new Windows USB driver that improves your Windows playback experience.

The new Windows USB driver provides an improved approach towards setting up your Windows Audio playback. Choose between four stereo channels for both output and input signals of your Windows applications, allowing improved routing flexibility. This is especially useful when running multichannel audio from your DAW in parallel with Windows playback allowing easily customizable setups for streaming, broadcasting, voice and video chat applications, gaming, etc.

V12 Chorus – Multi-Voice Stereo Chorus

Whilst developing some of the most sophisticated and sought-after vintage emulations we are also on a mission to bring a new generation of processors that will shape the music of tomorrow.

The V12 Chorus infuses old and proven modulation principles with futuristic technologies needed for a new wave of music makers. Its abundant features allow for new applications of Chorus effects and full control over the desired outcome.

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BBD-Chorus – Bucket Brigade Chorus

Looking for a deep & vibrant mojo from the 70sWe bring you the emulation of a unit that impacted guitar music with its recognizable and revered organic warmth. It captivated its listeners with thick organic modulation and gooey pitch-shifting vibrato, which you can now access using our Synergy Core platform.

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Simply update to the latest bundle version from the Antelope Launcher. Please make sure to backup and save your settings before the update!

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