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SANTA MONICA, CA, USA, MAY 16, 2018: Pro audio manufacturer Antelope Audio is proud to announce that their long-awaited Windows ThunderboltTM driver is now available as part of the company’s Open Beta program, unleashing the full potential of their ThunderboltTM interfaces to Windows users. The driver is now available to download for Discrete 4, Discrete 8, Zen Tour, Orion Studio, Orion Studio Rev2017, Orion32+, and Goliath HD, and is coming soon for ZenStudio+ and Goliath.

Developed by Antelope Audio’s talented team of engineering experts, the Windows ThunderboltTM driver was built from the ground-up with low-latency and stability in mind. Pushing the limits of hardware and software, the new driver achieves sub-millisecond round-trip latency for the best user experience. Coupled with the built-in real-time FPGA effects and direct monitoring capabilities of the interfaces, latency becomes a thing of the past.

The much-anticipated driver utilizes ThunderboltTM‘s increased bandwidth and gives the users access to the full I/O capabilities of their interfaces, with up to 64 channels on signature products such as Orion32+ and Goliath HD. It allows for new interesting use-cases, and will also serve as the base for new exciting features.

The Windows ThunderboltTM driver is still in Beta so certain features are not yet fully-functional, although it is stable and fast. The driver supports all major DAWs via ASIO to deliver it’s ultra-low latency. The major limitation that will be overcome in the next couple of months – Windows Audio – is under active development. Of course, there are also ways to overcome this limitation by using third-party tools. Antelope Audio team has prepared detailed documentation with ‘How-To’, workarounds for known issues, and advanced topics for optimization. Beta users have access to a separate support channel, where Technical Support specialists, as well as Software developers are helping them troubleshoot any problems.

All the details regarding the Windows ThunderboltTM driver are available on Antelope Audio’s  support page.

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