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Firmware Update Procedure for Orion Studio 2015 and Orion Studio 2017

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New Antelope Launcher Installation

Firmware Update Procedure

NOTE: Before installing your new Antelope Launcher, please uninstall your old Antelope Launcher and unpin it from the dock/taskbar on your desktop. Now update your Orion Studio Launcher to the latest available version 1.3.6

Old Antelope Launcher uninstall.


  • Press the Windows button on your device or keyboard, or select the Windows icon in the lower-left corner of the main screen.
  • Select Settings, and then in the search bar, type “Programs and features.”
  • Select Programs and Features from the search results.
  • Highlight your existing Antelope Launcher in the list of available programs and apps.
  • Select Uninstall or Remove and follow the instructions to remove Antelope Launcher
  • Unpin the old Antelope Launcher if pinned on the task bar.


  • Exit all Antelope Audio related Software
  • Open your Mac Osx Application folder and delete the old “Orion Studio” Launcher
  • Drag to the trash the icon of Old Launcher
  • Empty the trash.
  • Unpin the old launcher from the dock.
New Antelope Launcher Installation
  1. Visit to get the latest Antelope Launcher software installer.
  2. Open the downloaded Antelope Launcher installer application. The software installer will guide you.
    Be sure to restart the computer if prompted.
  3. Connect your Antelope Audio Orion Studio interface to an available USB port of your PC/MAC and launch the Antelope Audio Launcher installer. Make sure you don’t have any USB Hubs or 3rd party USB devices connected during the process. The installer will take you through each step of the installation process.
    This application will install the Mac OS or Windows drivers as well. Please read each message carefully. It is recommended that you quit all applications before you start the installation.

If the “Antelope Firmware Update” dialog window appears:

  1. Tick the Antelope Audio “Firmware Update” to begin the process. Wait until the Firmware Update process is done. This can take a couple of minutes due to new features.
  2. Disconnect your Orion Studio from the computer and perform a factory reset.
Factory reset your Orion Studio Interface
  1. Hold down the upper-right function button for a few seconds, a function menu will appear on the LCD display of the interface.
  2. Navigate using the rotary knob to “Factory reset”.
  3. Select Factory reset by pressing down the rotary knob.
  4. A security prompt will appear. Press the rotary knob to confirm the device settings’ factory reset.
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