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In the newest update to our Synergy Core Native library of plugins, we’re pleased to announce the release of 4 new classic compressors – the Diode 609, VP Drum-All-Nite, VP Gate Keeper II, and the VP Brainiac II. These 4 new native plugins are available at no additional cost to existing members – you can download and start using them now.

diode 609

The most iconic diode compressor – a unit in a league of its own

Diode 609 is the perfect mix of 80s-infused sonic character and glue compression that has left its mark on hundreds of hit records in the past four decades. Modeled to perfection and now finally brought into the native domain, this plugin shines with its musical compression, in-depth control options, and a few extras we added to justify the needs of any modern-day producer or recording engineer.

Thanks to its unique design and vast control set, this classic from the 80s, known for its unparalleled creamy-thick & smooth sound is an extremely versatile compressor plugin. Use it on any individual sound source to treat its musical and high-energy compression. Want some more juice in your overall sound? This plugin will glue your session like a few other tools on the market.

vp drum all nite

Your Go-To Four-in-One Drum VCA Dynamic Processor

VP Drum-All-Nite is the ultimate drums VCA Dynamic Processor plugin. Don’t look any further when you need an aggressive compressor capable of applying massive gain reduction with minimal distortion and unwanted artifacts. Adding this drum beast to your chain is the way to give your drum production a unique flavor and unbeatable punch. VP Drum-All-Nite is your drum sound’s best friend but surprisingly enough, this plugin excels when used on various high-pressure sound sources such as electric guitars, bass, or vocals.

Adding the plugin to a parallel chain will bring out the body of the drum sound. Set the Limiter to Peak mode with a 0.06-sec attack and watch how it obliterates all sharp transients while injecting the decays with pure energy. If you are after the opposite effect, you can just keep the plugin in the parallel chain but set the Limiter to Avg. mode with a 10 mS attack. The drums will explode from your speakers with a punch and spit that would cut through the thickest wall of guitar sound. These settings will squash the decays of the drums but if you need them shortened and cleaned up just set the unit to Gate & Expander modes simultaneously.

vp gate keeper II

More Than a Gate, More Than an Expander

VP Gate Keeper II hides more potential than your regular Gate tools. While it’s no wonder it can smoothly clean up any sound source from any unwanted artifacts without affecting their musicality or dynamics, this plugin hides enormous potential when used in Expander mode. Go for the VP when you need to increase the dynamic range of transient-heavy sources like drums or vocals. This 70s classic, which we’ve meticulously modeled to be at hand with any current audio interface and studio workflow, will breathe new life into previously flat-sounding or straight-up soulless sound recordings.

The intuitive but versatile control set allows for both subtle and extreme settings. Add it to your chain and shape drums, vocals, and various percussive instruments. This plugin is your go-to tool for removing microphone bleeds, resonances, reverb tails, etc. Get used to its intuitive controls and discover its potential as a creative sound design tool able to achieve various abstract results, especially with drum elements and audio FX sounds.

vp brainiac ii

Faster Than Any Tube Unit – Welcome the VP Brainiac II VCA Compressor

Inspired by a legendary studio unit from 1971, VP Brainiac II makes the best of the original VCA-based circuit design, which allows for faster Attack and Release times than any tube compressor. This beast is your weapon of choice when it comes down to fast transient grabbing of dynamic sound sources such as vocals, drums, and various other percussive or acoustic instruments.

Its control set is similar to the VP Gate Keeper II. It is easy to learn and apply to any setup and workflow. Despite being able to apply massive amounts of gain reduction, VP Brainiac’s biggest power is retaining the musicality of the sound sources it processes by using the principles of linear integration to analyze the complexity of incoming waveforms and varying the response of its gain reduction.

Our plugin has preserved all the features that made the original so special, including the unique Release Mode switch, which changes the Release response between Linear and Logarithmic for more musical results. Another key function we took special care of is the unit’s peak reversion correction circuitry, which compensates for the loss of low-end during heavy compression.

Can’t wait to add these to your FX chain? Well, join the Synergy Core Native family HERE already.

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