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Chris Liebing is an artist that needs no introduction. Especially for those of us with a heart for techno music. For the past few years Liebing has been inseparable from his Orion32+.

He’s battle-tested our audio interfaces on countless festivals and club nights around the world. So, let’s see how this Orion32+ has affected the sound, production and on-stage performance of Chris Liebing.

“Orion32+ has changed my DJing, it has changed the sound and I think it has so far affected thousands of clubbers and festival goers having a better musical experience.”

Thanks to its rock solid clocking and flawless conversion Orion32+ maintains outstanding audio quality even when handling huge and busy sessions and tracking massive projects. It has seemingly also proven itself incredibly stable during wild techno nights and crafting the perfect club sound in complex electronic music sessions.

“Antelope Audio for me is a whole new life as a DJ. It’s the heart of what I do.”

Chris Liebing has been conquering the electronic music festivals and clubs since the 1990s. He’s built a steady profile for himself as not only a top DJ, but also producer, label owner and radio host.

However, no matter how huge you are in the scene you need to have confidence in the gear you’re using. Especially when it comes down to performing live or DJing.

“Orion32+ immensely helped me in mixing my new album. I think I’ve done the best mixdowns I’ve ever done in my career.”

Here is a video of a workshop held by the superstar techno DJ and music producer. Chris holds a Mixing Lab with his new Orion 32+ | Gen 3 and showcases how the unit can handle multiple high-resolution audio channels simultaneously.

Hear Chris Liebing on Soundcloud:

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