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A new software update is now available for Goliath HD. Version FW1.64 / CP1.5.5 contains no drastic changes to your audio interface but will add three brand new FPGA FX to your unit’s library. Update now to integrate Power Ex, Master De Esser and BAE 10DCF into your workflow. Updating your Antelope Audio unit to the latest software version is highly advised for optimum user experience.


BAE 10DCF is an official emulation of a 1960s stereo compressor that can also be used as a limiter. Featuring individual control over both modules, with the limiter coming first in the signal chain, users can achieve enough depth when sculpting the perfect sound. BAE10DCF is a multi-purpose unit that can be used both during tracking or in post-production.


Master De Esser

Your plugin of choice if need to clean your audio from any unwanted sibilant consonants, which might be due to over-compression, improper mic’ing or individual voice specifics. The minimalist control set allows you to pick the desired frequency, set a filtering type and adjust the Attack, Ratio, Knee and Release of the de-esser. The unit also allows you to switch between four modes of signal monitoring.


Power EX

The Antelope Audio in-house expander features a comprehensive set of controls, including Threshold, Range, Ratio, Attack and Decay knobs with additional Gain knob allowing you some extra control over the volume. It’s an unpretentious unit, but its simplicity hides a lot of potential for sound shaping and its sound is comparable to real hardware expanders.


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