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Recording Acoustic Guitars with Edge Solo Modeling Mic

Everybody loves the warm and beautiful tone of a neatly recorded acoustic guitar. Here’s how our single-capsule large-diaphragm Edge Solo modeling mic manages to capture the authentic sound of an instrument you’ll definitely have to record at some point in your career in the sound engineering or singer-songwriter game.

If you’ve already seen our double bass recording video you know one Edge Solo mic near the neck and another near the body of the instrument is how we roll. With the guitar being significantly smaller you can achieve way more convincing results with only one microphone depending on what element do you want to accentuate more onto – on the fingers strumming the strings, the resonance-rich body or the tones as clear from mechanical noises as possible.

Edge Solo was created to authentically model the finest vintage cardioid-pattern microphones around. It features 18 available emulations of the world’s finest vintage cardioid-pattern microphones. We tested all of them and whole-heartedly recommend Berlin M251 for its brightness or the rich guitar sound achieved with Berlin V563. This one is especially suitable if you are after a more full-bodied sound. Berlin K86 is your choice for a more delicate and ornamented guitar parts. What makes us really happy is that Edge Solo in default mode also does a great job recording this particular instrument.

More about the Edge Solo.

Shot and recorded at Studio Pekarnata by Ivan Boshev and George Anagnostopoulos.
Guitar performed by Plamen Yordanov.

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