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Testing the Galaxy 64 Synergy Core with Brian Vibberts

Having done work on some of the most beloved hits by Michael Jackson, Mariah Carey, Billy Joel, and many more, Brian Vibberts is a true master of the mix. As such, it was only fitting that he would be the first to test the mixing capabilities of the new 64-channel Galaxy 64 Synergy Core. See what he manages to accomplish with the interface’s large selection of analog-modeled effects and immense processing power, capable of loading up to 256 effects at once. To put the device further to the test, Brian checked how it performs when it comes to latency by comparing it to another interface.

To see the complete effects tour, mixer/meters overview, and additional mixing tips from Brian, watch the full session below.

Since Brian prefers a more hybrid approach, what his setup with the Galaxy 64 Synergy Core would look like in the studio includes 64 channels of effects, 48 channels of analog summing, and 16 channels for external hardware. The AES output would be used for digital hardware reverbs and the S/PDIF for digital metering. The interface makes all this possible by combining many devices into one and fitting into any setup with the Thunderbolt, HDX, and Dante ports. The comprehensive Routing Matrix houses an advanced digital patch bay with which Brian can freely route audio between the unit’s analog and digital inputs and outputs. 

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DISCLAIMER: The effects shown in this video were developed by Antelope Audio based on proprietary modeling methods and technologies.   

The manufacturers of the original units have not endorsed nor sponsored the Antelope effects in any manner, nor licensed any intellectual property for use in our software products. 

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