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Edge Solo is a single-capsule large-diaphragm condenser modeling microphone by Antelope Audio. It’s easy to use and extremely versatile. We were curious to hear how it can capture the mighty and organic low end of a double bass.

To make the best of a double bass recording session we used two Edge Solo mics. One was placed near the neck and the other one near the body of the instrument. We played around with various emulations and mic configurations but the result was always more than satisfying – Edge Solo does great job capturing the true sound of the double bass, both when bowed or when played with fingers.

Looking for a more spatial sound? Use both microphones and balance them. Trying to fit the massive sound of a bowed double bass in a busy mix? One mic at the neck with the Berlin V563 emulation and you are good to go. Going for a bass strummed with fingers? An Edge Solo set to Berlin K86 will result in a more compact, yet sufficiently punchy sound, which still carries and preserves all features of the instrument.

More about the Edge Solo.

Shot and recorded at Studio Pekarnata by Ivan Boshev and George Anagnostopoulos.
Double bass performed by Daniele Febbo.

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