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How to Install AFX2DAW on Zen Tour

AFX2DAW is a plugin developed to bridge the industry-acclaimed Antelope Audio FPGA (Field Programmable Gate Array) modeling engine with the fast DAW workflow. Here’s how to install it on a Zen Tour and use it in an Ableton Live 10 session.

Adding a new feature to your Antelope Audio unit is a piece of cake. To claim and install AFX2DAW on your Zen Tour interface log in with your Antelope Audio account on Go to the ‘Claim Features’ tab and enter your AFX2DAW activation code. Start your Zen Tour and from the ‘Administration’ tab assign the code. Once done with this procedure the AFX2DAW should be available for your audio interface. Launch your preferred DAW, in this case Ableton Live 10, create an audio track and from the plugin folder select and load AFX2DAW.

AFX2DAW allows all our vintage FPGA FX models to be used within your preferred audio production software with near zero latency. Enter a new era of audio production where hardware-quality vintage gear emulation meets the fast and intuitive DAW workflow of modern-day music creation and audio recording tools.

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