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Antelope Audio product compatibility with macOS Catalina

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As of 6.01.2020 all Antelope Audio devices in the product list below are compatible with macOS Catalina. All users will receive an automatic update with new versions of the launcher that carry out the compatibility settings! Devices that are not listed will receive only manager server updates in order to ensure compatibility with macOS Catalina, if you are experiencing any issues please get in touch with our support team here.

• Orion32 +
• Orion32 + Gen | 3
• Zen studio +
• Orion Studio
• Goliath
• Zen Tour
• Goliath  HD
• Goliath  HD Gen | 3
• Orion32 HD
• Orion32 HD Gen | 3
• Orion Studio 2017
• Orion Studio Synergy Core
• Orion Studio HD
• Amari
• Discrete8
• Discrete8 Synergy Core
• Discrete4
• Discrete4 Synergy Core
• Edge Strip
• Edge Go

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