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Orion32 HD

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ArtistsOrion StudioOrion32 HD
October 29, 2018

Тhe Orion Studio is powerful, with superior sound quality! – Bob Way

Based in China and working at Beijing Oasis Recording Studio since 2003, Bob Way has been working with major record companies among which Warner Music, Poly Music, Sky Entertainment Media,…
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Big J and Orion32 HD
ArtistsOrion32 HD
August 21, 2018

Big J on Orion32 HD – “It’s one of the most important pieces of gear in my mixing chain”

Big J is a mixing engineer and music professional. He produced and recorded many of China's biggest names like Jackie Chan, Karen Mok, NaYing, Li Yuchun, Xue Zhiqian, Hua Chenyu, Zhang…
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