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Big J is a mixing engineer and music professional. He produced and recorded many of China’s biggest names like Jackie Chan, Karen Mok, NaYing, Li Yuchun, Xue Zhiqian, Hua Chenyu, Zhang Bichen, Chang Shilei or Yuan Yawei.

He was happy to share with us a few things about his Antelope Audio Orion 32HD audio interface.

1. Would you let us know what is your recording/mixing chain using Orion32 HD? 

It’s one of the most important pieces of gear in my mixing chain. 80% of my on-board gear for mixing is connected to it. It’s a powerful converter at this price range.

2. What was your first impression when you heard our converters?

It sounds good to me. The Orion has more high frequencies and sounds a little bit wider compared to other products, it gives more detail.

3. What do you think about the real-time FPGA AFX? What do you think about the routing matrix?

I just tried it several times while I was doing my mix. The sound is really good! I hope it will appear as a plug-in. The routing matrix looks a little bit complex, but it’s very easy to understand. I think it’s very powerful for a non-HDX user.

4. How our products changed your workflow? Is it quicker, more convenient, etc.?

It doesn’t really change my workflow, I use it as a good AD/DA converter with so many channels for my analogue gear. Now I don’t even need a patch-bay.

5. Would you name any of artists with whom you have used our equipment in the past year? (If you could share some of your work, this would be amazing)

All of my works… Jackie Chan, Karen Mok, NaYing, Li Yuchun,Xue Zhiqian,Hua Chenyu,Zhang Bichen, Chang Shilei, Yuan Yawei, etc.

6. What is your overall experience with Orion32 HD?

It’s a very good-sound converter with so many channels. I think it’s the most cost-effective, high-quality product on the market.
It sounds open and wide, it’s has modern sound and is good for modern music.

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