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Sylvia Massy & Taylor Hawkins Recording with Galaxy 64 Synergy Core

Sylvia Massy, Taylor Hawkins and over 60 different microphones – this is what the first Galaxy 64 Synergy Core recording session looked like. The mood has been set, Sylvia has prepared her set up and the Dante audio interface is ready to unpack the rich tapestries of the mics’ unique sound. Take a behind-the-scenes look at the process of making Taylor Hawkins’ “One And The Same”.

Watch the full video for a complete tour of Sylvia Massy’s exceptional microphone collection and more on the setup.

With the audio interface, Sylvia Massy could maximize the 64 analog channels which made it the ideal I/O choice for her massive collection of microphones, which now features a couple of Edge Duo modeling microphones. The interface fits seamlessly with any recording system with the Dante, HDX, and Thunderbolt connections available. 

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Song: Taylor Hawkins – “One And The Same” 

Hear more music from Taylor Hawkins at  and Follow on Instagram at 

Recording credits: Brent Woods, Chris Chaney, Nick Maybury 

Director Vice Cooler (@vicecooler), DOP Dalton Blanco (@dalton420sich) & Producer Nik Georgiev (@georgievsound) 

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