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User Stories #003 – Will Shenk – Métier Mastering

will shenk

“Antelope Audio is an integral part of our product and service chain. In this ever-growing industry of “affordable” technologies, it is important that we ensure that every link in that chain emanates perfection. Our customers expect us to continue professional service and quality in the new facility, and we intend to continue to deliver. When designing the new studio, I knew there were two key factors to base everything else around; the rooms and the audio interface. It became clear, very fast, that Antelope was going to be that master link. Combined with perfectly tuned rooms, I have never heard this much detail in my mixes. I have tried many interfaces during my career but Antelope takes the cake. It is the only interface you will ever see in one of my studios. Kudos Antelope. You guys have this figured out.” – Will Shenk, Métier Mastering

Will Shenk is owner and operator of Métier Mastering, a 24 track recording, mixing, mastering and audio restoration studio located in the heart of the Shenandoah Valley of Virginia. Will’s professional career began in 1998, producing radio broadcast content for Human Life International. In 2003 he accepted the position of Chief Recording and Mastering Engineer for National Media Services’ “Upper Room Studios,” a position he held until April 2019 when he left to pursue his lifelong dream of owning and operating his own music production facility. Métier Mastering was born.

In 1993 Will earned his Bachelor of Music (Music Education) from Shenandoah University’s Conservatory of Music. There he studied trumpet performance, music theory, composition, arrangement, music education, music production and recording systems techniques. He studied both jazz and classical styles of performing.

Will’s knowledge and experience of recording and mastering are only exceeded by his love of the business. Will has contributed to the production of multiple award-winning and nominated projects, as well as many chart-topping hits. As of Jan 2020, he has worked on 26 nominated and/or award-winning songs/albums, including a Wammy (WAMA) for Best Bluegrass recording, 11 WAMA nominations in various genres, 3 Spirit Awards, 2 Spirit Award nominations, 4 Akademia awards for “Best Dance Song,” nominations through; BMAI, The Academy of Western Artists and The Western Music Association respectively, and “song of the year” & “album of the year” awards through The Pro Cowboy Country Artist Association.

As of Jan 2020, Will had a hand in the production of 101 charted songs or albums with 42 top 10s on various genre charts. Some highlights include; mastering Grammy-nominated (and newly inducted IBMA Bluegrass Hall of Fame member,) Bill Emerson’s (Bill Emerson & Sweet Dixie,) “The Touch of Time,” which hit Roots Music Report’s Top 100 Bluegrass albums of 2012 at #5. Will recorded Gina Clowes’ first solo project “True Colors,” which hit the Billboard charts (#13 Bluegrass) in October 2017. He recorded, mixed, mastered and co-produced the hit album “Heartstrings” by Trinity River Band which debuted multiple singles on the Bluegrass Today charts, including “How Blue” which soared to #2. Will recorded, mixed and mastered Gregg Welty’s “Community,” the largest collaborative bluegrass album ever made. “Community” was released on October 1st, 2018 and (as of this publishing,) has hit a chart every week since its release. Its most notable climb was to #3 on Roots Music Report’s top 50 Bluegrass Albums, and recently landed inside the top 20 of the best bluegrass albums of 2019. “Community” also hit four top 20’s on the Bluegrass Today charts.

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