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The Radio-Ready FX Bundle

The Radio-Ready FX Bundle
Wanna make big pop hits? The Radio-Ready FX bundle gives you three effects for smoking hot production. They offer many options for fine-tuning and can sound incredibly musical on a pop track. Are you ready to sprinkle some magic glitter?

Gyratec XIV (Stereo Passive Tube Equalizer)

Apply lush mastering equalization or surgical corrections with precision and infuse your tracks with the authentic thickness, depth and character modeled directly from the hardware unit.

V12 Chorus (Multi-Voice Stereo Chorus)

The V12 Chorus infuses old and proven modulation principles with futuristic technologies needed for a new wave of music makers. Its abundant features allow for new applications and control of the effect that imitates multiple instruments or singers layered on top of each other.

Tubechild670 (Vari-Mu Tube Compressor / Limiter)

Modeled after the most expensive and sought-after tube compressor/limiter of all time, the Tubechild 670 recreates the original’s unique circuitry from the 50s.