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The Studio Compressor Collection

The Studio Compressor Collection

Infuse your mix with the character of four compressors that have shaped the sound of our favorite music from the past century. This bundle will help you find your signature sound by adding a vintage tone and allowing you to experiment in creative ways. Don’t you love having a compressor you can rely on?

NEU-473A (VCA Compressor)

Modeled after a vintage German compressor from the 70s that shaped the midrange of many iconic records. This effect can help you add subtle tone-shaping or hard-core limiting to your projects.

DIODE 609 (Diode-bridge Compressor)

Modeled after one of the most versatile and demanded compressors of all time, this classic from the 80s is known for its unparalleled creamy-thick & smooth sound. It can remain musical and undetected in the chain while compressing and limiting to oblivion.

COMP-4K-BUS (Stereo Bus Compressor)

Modeled after the famous ‘mix’ glue bus compressor of the 80s. The COMP-4K-BUS effect brings together instruments and performances from tens of audio channels into one cohesive whole.

COMP-4K-STRIP (VCA Compressor / Expander / HPF & LPF)

Modeled after the actual strip of an iconic British 4K studio mixing desk, the COMP-4K-STRIP allows for cleaner production sound, and results that are musical and professional.