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To be honest, until recently, I was thought of master clocking as an internal/built-in feature. However, when the Trinity was connected as the master clock, I was truly able to gain many benefits. The audio definition increased remarkably, and brings with it a tight low bass and a greater sound image. Also, I was able to start hearing harmonic tones of analog instruments that were previously hidden. It was a change that could not be acquired with EQ and dynamics type effects.
Even for pre-recorded sound material in which the Trinity has not been used for primary recording, just connecting it creates notable change. So it is not late even if it is applied at the mix down stage. I am planning to continue using this also within the mastering process.

Takeshi Inaba, Recording Engineer at Miracle Bus Co. Ltd

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ERIC MARTIN、Clementine、Debbie Gibson、石井竜也、杏里、小柳ゆき、RAG FAIR、


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