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Initially, I could not decide on which combination of clocks to use before recording!! That was how much I was surprised by the options and performance each of the OCX, TRINITY and 10M. They could draw out all the colours and characteristics of the sound. Recently, I have been recording many woodwind Jazz artists. I was having some difficulty effectively recording and processing the “low range”. But when I started integrating the ANTELOPE gear, everything changed ! It convinced me that a great clock would bring out the full sound characteristics of an instrument. In recent recordings I have completed, the 10M and TRINITY formed such clean sounds, as if I were listening inside a hall. The 10M and OCX brought out a quality edge to the sound along with some rawness. So I immediately decided on that combination. With a 96kHz/24bit NEVE console and the 10M and OCX, it was as if all the pieces in the puzzle came together.

Yoshihiro Kawasaki – Profile

After graduating college, joined PONY CANYON Co., Ltd. in 1992
Has worked in the recording division since, and gained experience and credits in studio recording, mastering, live recording, PA, MA, etc.


Host: Japan Audio Association, Japan Music Studio Association, Japan Mixer Association (abbr.)
14th Japan Professional Music Recording Award 2007
Division C “New Package Media” Winner
Sara Smile/Hikari Ichikawa(Tp jazz)

17th Japan Professional Recording Award 2010
Division A “2ch Package Media Classic, Jazz etc.” Award for Excellence
Close Your Eyes/Woog San(Vox Jazz)

18th Japan Professional Recording Award 2011
Division A “2ch Package Media Classic, Jazz etc.” Award for Excellence

SCENES/Kei Kobayashi(Vox jazz)



When She Flows/たなかりか(JazzVox)


virtual trip 空撮 大阪・京都・神戸(Nature DVD)

virtual trip カプリ島(Nature DVD)

virtual trip 世界旅行(Nature DVD)

ウクレレ・マイケル/U900(World Music)

日本をうたう~故郷~/錦織健(Classic Vox)

Tomorrow/Woong San(JazzVox)

will love/杉山未紗(JazzVox)


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