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Luciano is a five-time DJ Awards winner, live electronic music performer and producer of a Chilean-Swiss origin. His style gradually evolved from minimal techno to a unique blend of house and techno with a strong influence of Latin American music.

Except for the fact he’s constantly touring the world with his music and running his label Cadenza Records, Luciano is also hosting parties in Ibiza. He is an artist who puts so much passion and energy to deliver memorable and emotional live shows.

We are more than proud to share that our very own Orion32+ is his trusted companion in events all over the world.

“So that’s what I found in the Orion32+ from Antelope – the possibility to have more depth and much more clear and powerful signal.”

Enjoy the full story about Luciano and his trusty Orion32+.

Find out more about Luciano here:

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