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Yael Naïm is one of the most interesting artists in France now. From an Israeli-French origin and with a powerful personal story, her amazing voice and talent as a singer-songwriter is already to be found on a sustainably growing number of solo records.
Back in 2008 her hit single “New Soul” managed to reach the outstanding No. 7 position on the Billboard Hot 100 after being personally selected for an iconic Apple add by the company’s late visionary Steve Jobs.

Now back to 2018, Yael Naïm is sharing with us a beautiful live improvisation of her song “Shine”, which is actually a small fragment of her latest live set. This cosy session was recorded live with Edge Duo and Orion Studio Rev. 2017 and was mixed and mastered by Fabrice Chantôme.

The awesome video was filmed and edited by Antelope Audio friends Mathieu and Manon from Studio 7b.
Enjoy it!

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