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Matthew Tryba Using AFX2DAW Bridge With Zen Tour

Matthew Tryba is producer and songwriter who works with One republic, Taylor Swift, The Fray, Ariana Grande etc. He is currently using our AFX2DAW bridge with Zen Tour.

“The Zen Tour has become the centrepiece of my studio, it’s the perfect combination of pristine sound quality, I/O, DSP, and flexibility… “

I find the FGPA plugins and the presets an invaluable tool when switching between tasks, whether tracking vocals, acoustic guitar, electric guitar, or synths. It’s like having an entire analog studio on your desk with incredible Lang EQs, Fairchilds, and 1073’s… all patchable at the push of a button. With the new AFX2DAW plugin it’s easy to insert any FGPA hardware emulation into your session and keep everything perfectly recallable. And one of my favourite features, it’s one of the only desktop audio interfaces with two independent headphone outputs that can each have their own sub-mix independent from each other as well as the main output. If you’re looking for an interface that, when dialed in, will let your session flow with ease while sounding incredible, look no further than the Antelope Audio – Zen Tour.


You can follow him on his website –

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