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Yael Naïm on working with Orion Studio Rev. 2017 & Edge Duo

After her absolutely beautiful Antelope Audio-powered recording session, Israeli-French singer-songwriter Yael Naïm is now letting us in her creative process with an in-depth look at her Orion Studio Rev. 2017 and Edge Duo-centered live and studio setup.

Yael Naïm has managed to incorporate the flexibility and high mic pres count of Orion Studio not only in her studio routine but in her busy schedule as a touring and traveling artist. The extended functionality, combined with the compact size of the unit has allowed her to capture all her music ideas – no matter if we’re talking solo recordings or having guest musicians on board. The audio interface also allows her to have a full control over the final sound of the performance – be that during a radio live session or on an actual concert.

Being a talented singer and not only a song-writer makes the proper microphone a main instrument for Yael Naïm’s work. We’re delighted to see Edge Duo being still among her recording tools. She shares the combination of the mic’s very unique sound and the access to its internal audio effects and mic emulations is what make it suitable for capturing her unique vocal performances.

Yael Naïm is an amazing artist with a captivating personal story. Her amazing voice and creative mind have resulted not only in an impressive discography but back in 2008 managing to reach No. 7 on Billboard with her hit single “New Soul”. Now some 11 years later her work is stronger than ever and Antelope Audio is proud to know our gear is helping Yael Naïm make her bold music ideas come true.

This video was engineered by Fabrice Chantôme, filmed and edited by Mathieu and Manon from Studio 7b.

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