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The Studio Equalizers Collection

The Studio Equalizers Collection

Blend analog vibes into your songs with four equalizers modeled after vintage gear. Each one has distinct sonic attributes which will assist you in shaping your sound and adding tonal color. The different types of equalizers excel when used during recording (BAE-1073), mixing (VEQ-56) and mastering (VEQ-432).

VEQ-56 (10-Band Graphic Console Equalizer)

Modeled after a classic American EQ from the 60’s. The favorable aspects of the graphic equalizer are high headroom, consistency and all the EQ bands you might need to put the emphasis on the right frequency. Also included in the Classic American EQ Bundle.

BAE-1073 (3-Band EQ / HPF)

Modeled after the actual hardware components which made the original a go-to for producers from the 70’s. The vintage BAE-1073 can be used to shape any source by adding a warm and true sound.

LANG-PEQ2 (Solid-state Parametric EQ)

Modeled after an EQ from the 1960’s, the LANG-PEQ2 stands out with its frequency control, allowing you to set different and separate LF boost and LF cut frequencies.

VEQ-432C (Mastering Parametric EQ)

Modeled after the go-to effect for mastering equalization ever since its introduction in the late 60s. The effect will serve just as well in a mix bus or onto individual tracks in need of frequency bumps or cuts.