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Bitwig Studio – Full Version Cross-platform DAW

The software is for anyone who dares to be creative and has a knack for experimentation. Bitwig Studio is an innovative music production and performance software that takes your musical ideas through each stage of production. 

Edge Solo – Modeling Mic with 18 Emulations

The single-capsule large-diaphragm condenser mic gives you not only great sound, but also creative tools for the whole production process. Record vocals by picking your favorite emulation of a classic mic and start tracking in real-time. 


Over 3,000 sounds & factory presets

36 real-time Synergy Core effects

38 audio DAW effects

18 software emulations of vintage mics

8 hardware devices

14 note effects

17 containers and routers

12 instruments

33 modulators

Craft Album-Ready Recordings on
Your Desktop

The Zen Tour Synergy Core desktop interface is all about making it easier for you to effortlessly enter the creative flow and make album-ready recordings. The high-fidelity conversion and sharp transient response of the interface is typically reserved for professional studios and the workflow possibilities are usually only achievable with complex setups.

Record. Produce. Anywhere.

With connectivity options rarely accessible in a unit of this size, you can cover the needs of your small band and connect all your external gear simultaneously. Set up your hybrid workflow by recording with signature Antelope AD/DA while processing the signal at near zero latency with analog-modeled effects emulating legendary studio gear down to the component level.

Use the effects during post-production by loading them on up to 32 channel strips with 8 FX each for a total of 256 FX instances with all processing done entirely inside the interface. Increase your productivity by modifying your workflow and focus on one thing – making music!

Deliver High-Resolution Sound

The professional recording path is provided by 4 low-noise high-gain discrete ultra-linear preamps, high-spec AD/DA converters for artefact-free recording and signature clocking technology for increased width, separation and detail in your performances. Studio quality audio reproduction is guaranteed by a dedicated monitoring converter for critical listening with wider soundstage. The combination of Antelope clocking and DA monitoring converters with 130dB headroom, makes mixing and even mastering in your home studio possible.

I am on the road a lot, so being able to take the signature Antelope sound from my studio with me is a game changer

Danny Trachtenberg

Recording and Mixing Engineer, Producer (Stormzy, Octavian, Plan B, J Warner, CJ Mirra)

I am on the road a lot, so being able to take the signature Antelope sound from my studio with me is a game changer

Danny Trachtenberg

Recording and Mixing Engineer, Producer (Stormzy, Octavian, Plan B, J Warner, CJ Mirra)

Flexible Connectivity - 18 × 26 Total I/O

Zen Tour Synergy Core offers a choice of 4 instrument/line ins, 4 combo mic/line ins with 65dB of gain, 8 line outs, 1 stereo monitor out, 2 stereo headphone outs and 2 reamp outs. The unit is digitally expandable over ADAT & S/PDIF for additional 10 digital ins and 10 outs when used at up to 48kHz. All line outs are DC-coupled and ready for control voltage (CV) applications such as control of modular synthesizers. As a final touch, an integrated talkback microphone lets you easily communicate with your artists.

Headphone outputs 1 and 2
Reamp outputs 1 and 2
Hi-Z/Line inputs G1 – G4
Mic/Line inputs A4 – A1
USB 2.0 Type-B port
Thunderbolt™ 3 Type-C port
DC-coupled line outputs
Monitor outputs

Up the Ante with 36 Synergy Core FX Included

The moment you unbox the audio interface, you already have access to a FX library with emulations of most coveted and hard-to-find studio analog gear from around the world. The library does not lack in variety – the collection spans from a rare Austrian-born EQ to legendary British solid state processing. A growing library of expansions starting from $55 is available to you in the Antelope software store. Use the FX during live tracking or during post-production to add distinct analog flavor to your mix.

• 2 Preamps • 4 Equalizers • 5 Compressors • 22 Guitar Amps & Cabs • 1 Expander • 1 Noise Gate • 1 Reverb

Synergy Core is a proprietary onboard real-time FX processing platform uniting the power of DSP and FPGA processors. How does the technology work in your favor?

• Offloads all processing to the interface so next time you are faced with a heavy project you will not need to rely entirely on your host computer CPU & memory or any external DSP accelerators.

• Guarantees imperceptible latency while allowing direct monitoring of processed signal in real-time for the most enjoyable recording experience. Accomplished while reducing buffer size and improving your recording system’s stability.

Compatible with Anything You Put in Front

The Zen Tour Synergy Core can fit into any set-up. Connect it via Thunderbolt™ 3 or high-speed USB 2.0, install the custom-built drivers for Mac or Windows and enjoy low-latency performance. The Zen Tour Synergy Core is a flexible interface, you can safely connect to any recording system while on tour or a studio session.

Enhance your Music Production with These Included Features

Direct Monitoring

Record and monitor clean signal or apply analog-modeled effects processed with imperceptible latency in real-time. This feature will help you find creative solutions faster and commit to your sound early in the process, thus speeding up your workflow and avoiding the need to ‘fix it in the mix’.

Routing Matrix

Route inputs to outputs easily with the comprehensive Routing Matrix! Eliminate the need for moving cables by re-routing all your audio through the software matrix and process your FX & DAW tracks via the on-board Synergy Core processing.

Internal Mixers

The 4 mixers are with 32 channels each for creating individual cue mixes and sub-mixes, allowing you to distribute headphone mixes for your musicians while applying pan, reverb, other FX and stereo link.

Touchscreen Controls

Combined with fast-access buttons to help you for a range of different metering across your ins, outs, mix and sub mixes along with monitoring, operation and headphone controls. Manage input and output gain via the rotary knob, without using the software panel.


The Zen Tour Synergy Core is an expandable interface that allows you to grow with your studio. Strech your channel count and eliminate the need to buy additional converters as you add more gear to your set-up.

Reamp Outputs

Have the flexibility to reamp your guitar recordings via your favorite guitar amps, without the need for re-recording. Providing the correct impedance level, they also turn the signal from balanced to unbalanced as if it’s a real guitar output.

Built to Last

Hand-assembled in Europe, using high-quality components, Zen Tour Synergy Core withstands the demands of your studio desktop, road rig and practice space. Furthermore, the rock-solid drivers and 20-hour per weekday customer support will ensure you get consistent, smooth performance in all conditions.

Expand with

Over 40 Expandable FX

Upgrade your collection with effects modeled after legendary Danish mastering-grade compressors, American console equalizers, British solid state channel strips, and many more. Expand your arsenal of creative tools with our expandable FX library.

Auto-Tune Synergy

Built from the ground-up in cooperation with Antares, Auto -Tune Synergy adds live pitch correction to the Antelope Audio experience. Use the most iconic vocal effect in popular music during real-time recording, live performance or in your mix.


Start mixing without interrupting your flow by bringing the Synergy Core FX in your DAW without having to do any routing. The software bridge allows you to automate the FX in your DAW and recall your FX settings in your project.

Available for MacOS over Thunderbolt™

mic modeling

Pair the interface with a modeling mic to unlock the full potential of real-time vintage emulations. Processed by the on-board DSP acceleration, meaning you will be able to use them without latency during tracking and without any CPU load during mixing. Use while away from the interface to switch between mic models and adjust polar patterns on the go.


Technical Specifications


4 × Hi-Z/Line instrument inputs

4 × Mic/Line inputs on combo XLR jacks

8 × DC-coupled line outputs on DB25

1 × Monitor output pair

2 × Stereo headphone outputs

2 × Reamp outputs


1 × ADAT
(8 inputs × 8 outputs) 44.1 kHz – 48 kHz
(4 inputs × 4 outputs) 88.2 kHz – 96 kHz
(2 inputs × 2 outputs) 176.4 kHz – 192 kHz

1 × S/PDIF
(2 inputs × 2 outputs) 44.1 kHz -192 kHz

Thunderbolt™ 3 (Up to 32 channels)

High-Speed USB 2.0 (Up to 24 channels)


Dynamic Range A/D Converter: 124 dB
THD+N A/D Converter -110dB THD+N

Dynamic Range D/A Converter (Line outputs): 127 dB
THD+N D/A Converter (Line outputs) -106dB THD+N

Dynamic Range D/A Converter (Monitor outputs): 130 dB
THD+N D/A (Monitor outputs) -115dB THD+N


4th Gen 64-bit DDS
Acoustically Focused Clocking