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We recently had an amazing chat with Japanese guitarist and composer Ichika – an artist with a very specific and unique concept for capturing and performing. We were delighted to see how heavily he’s managed to incorporate Discrete 4 in his creative process.

“When I heard my guitar through Discrete 4 it sounds different than before, as if it was really recorded on tape”

Creating and performing music solely with his guitar, Ichika’s work can be described with a single word – perfection. Being extremely sensitive to each sonic detail of the guitar tone he’s sculpting, he’s explored the full potential of the innovative mic preamp design of Discrete 4 and the audio interface’s carefully curated selection of vintage FPGA FX. This allowed Ichika to achieve the desired depth and detail of his guitar sound and record the sound in a way that he’s always envisioned – clean, beautiful, organic and warm.

“I think of the audio interface as a separate instrument and that’s why Discrete 4 has become such an indispensable instrument in my music creation.”

Find the mesmerizing music of Ichika here:

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