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Recording saxophone with Edge Solo

Recording woodwinds is not a walk in the park so we decided to put our single-capsule large-diaphragm Edge Solo modeling mic to the ultimate test. Here’s how it performed during a saxophone recording session. Below you’ll find also our recommended emulations for this purpose.

The saxophone is a powerful instrument that gives unbeatable edge and beauty to any piece of music its found on. In this session we are using one Edge Solo mic. The unit employs our renowned modeling engine backed up by a very special high-performance custom design with a 6-micron gold-sputtered membrane, low-resonance body and low-reflection headbasket.

Edge Solo comes with 18 available vintage cardioid-pattern microphone emulations. Here are those we found the most appropriate. First come the American, totally jazz-proof power of Illinois 57. It keeps the sound super bright and with a crisp mids and highs. It’s brother Illinois 7B is also a top match for the sax, especially for hot soloing parts. A more present low-end can be captured with Minnesota 25. For those of you who want to keep the sound of the saxophone somewhere in the middle – not too bassy but not too high-ranged we recommend the German standard – Hamburg 441.

More about the Edge Solo.

Shot and recorded at Studio Pekarnata by Ivan Boshev and George Anagnostopoulos.
Saxophone performed by Ralitsa Toneva.

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