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Tracking vocals with the Edge Solo Modeling Mic

Recording vocals is a science on its own. It requires not only a trained set of ears but a precisely designed microphone. Some of the world’s finest vintage cardioid-pattern microphones around are the top tool to go with when recording vocals and luckily Edge Solo was created to model those with unbeatable precision.

Powered by our in-house mic modeling engine the microphone also features a custom high-performance design with a 6-micron gold-sputtered membrane, low-resonance body and low-reflection head. If you’ve already seen our guitar or saxophone recording video you already know Edge Solo is equally suited to handle more standard tasks and more tricky and creative jobs. Faced with the task to track a soulful, gently but still a powerful female voice we searched all 18 available emulations for the best suited for this job.

The German classics Berlin M251, Berlin V563 and Berlin 47TU are without a doubt our most recommended emulations. Depending on the brightness, warmth and depth you are after experiment with those and the vocals will not only retain their true character but they’ll be enriched by the actual sound of iconic vintage mics. The American legend that’s behind Illinois 7B is a vocal classic that will add some oldschool punch and soul to the performance. Definitely try out Edge Solo in default mode as well. Thanks to the mic’s unique design plus its impressive dynamic and frequency response it performs extremely well when used as a vocal microphone.

More about the Edge Solo.

Shot and recorded at Studio Pekarnata by Ivan Boshev and George Anagnostopoulos.
Vocals performed by Ralitsa Toneva.

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