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New Synergy Core effects to start 2020!

To start the new year on the right path we are releasing six new Synergy Core effects for our Synergy Core audio interfaces. The premier processing platform, anchored by the combination of DSP processors and proprietary FPGA chips, allows you to expand your library of real-time effects from a now even greater selection. With the launch of our six new vintage effects running on sub-millisecond latency, we are giving access to authentic digital emulations of vintage hardware gear, while preserving their analog richness. Here are the new titles.

COMP-4K STRIP – Compressor

Whatever music you are into, chances are a 4K has been heavily involved into your favorite records. Still in use in major studios today, superseded by modern technology but never bested by it, the British 4K series large-format mixing consoles are iconic studio pieces that rightfully earned their respected place in recording history. The 4K is THE mixing board of 80s rock and synthpop, and perhaps one of the most revered desks ever.
Enthusiastic as we are about great analog sound, bringing the COMP-4K STRIP to the Synergy Core FX platform is a proud moment for us at Antelope. An actual channel strip from a well-preserved desk was dismounted, painstakingly analyzed and its digital recreation rigorously tested for it to rank among the most faithful 4K reproductions out there.
Enjoy the classic punch, glue, drive and saturation of the iconic desk with no latency and zero CPU load, thanks to the DSP+FPGA Synergy Core processing platform built into your Antelope Audio interface. Strap the COMP-4K-STRIP across the entirety of your session and record, monitor, mix and master through the time-tested circuits. Bring back the analog magic, stay in the box. Get the effect here.

COMP-4K-BUS – Compressor

COMP-4K-BUS is the famous ‘mix’ glue bus compressor of the 80s. It resides on the master bus of a fondly remembered series of vintage British consoles and its job is to bring together instruments and performances from tens of audio channels into one larger-than-life, cohesive whole. Decades later, still nothing does that quite like the COMP-4K-BUS. It’s the gold standard of mix bus compression and it’s now coming to life on the Antelope Synergy Core platform. Put the COMP-4K-BUS on your Master fader and start mixing right into it or use it after everything else in your mix is ‘said and done’ to turn it into a balanced, homogenous production. Don’t worry about latency and CPU power, with DSP+FPGA Synergy Core processing they have become a thing of the difficult past! Get the effect here.

Marble White AutoWah – Pedal

For the times when you are unable to stomp on a real wah pedal, get a reliable AutoWah to do that for you. Marble White replicates a boutique autowah pedal from Finland whose circuit is originally based upon a vintage rackmount wah and further refined to sound like a real wah pedal. The Marble White is simply in a league of its own with its fast tracking, uncanny accuracy and responsive controls. It works equally well on guitar and bass.
Particularly noteworthy is the bespoke decay control which lets you adjust the filter frequency fall speed. This way, Marble White can drench every one of your notes in wah, or behave itself like you’d expect from a more traditional autowah pedal.
Powered by the Antelope Audio Synergy Core FX platform, Marble White works in real time with no perceived latency. Feel free to combine it with the Shred Guitar Amps & Cabs and obtain a formidable guitar and effects rig inside your audio interface that works without any CPU load. Get the effect here.

MG4+ – Equalizer

The MG4+ is a legendary Series 500 EQ module that’s heard on hundreds of top charting records. MG4+ is particularly famous for the SKY BAND, which is able to add the kind of expensive-sounding gloss and sheen typically heard on singles with top production teams and equipment behind them. But that’s hardly all this 6-band EQ has to offer. It’s also notable for its highly linear phase operation, a difficult endeavor in the analog realm, which endows the MG4+ with the ability to preserve the audio being put through it without any phase shifting artifacts. Purity and clarity are the name of the game when it comes to this EQ – powered by Antelope’s latency and CPU-free Synergy Core FX processing. Get the effect here.

*The MG4+ software product is not affiliated with nor has been sponsored or endorsed by any company.

Adaptive Vibrato – Modulation

Last but not least. The gentle shimmer of a good vibrato is comparable to that of a great reverb, but without the space. To create our own take on what a great vibrato should be like, we started by examining some tried-and-true circuits then incorporated our impressions into a bespoke virtual unit that gives you a whole toybox worth of vibrato to play with! Latch and trigger modes, rate and depth knobs, five waves of modulation, delay and rise controls. Finally, dial in just the right amount of the effect with the Dry/Wet mix knob. Add Vibrato to your modulation effects rack, combine it with the Shred Guitar Amps & Cabs to play emotional solos and add movement to your synthesizers and sounds. Get the effect here.

For more information about Antelope Audio’s effects for each Synegy Core audio interface, including a full library list, please visit the dedicated webpage – Discrete 4 Synergy Core, Discrete 8 Synergy Core, Orion Studio Synergy Core.

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