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Hybrid Mixing Sessions at “The Friary Studios” (Video Series)

Watch a 3-part video series documenting a hybrid mixing session featuring an SSL 4000G console, a selection of vintage gear and various analog-modeled real-time effects. Mixing engineer Freemonk and assistant engineer Ivo Sotirov got together at their “The Friary Studios” to bring out the best of a multi-track recording by British DJ & drummer MckNasty and the vocalist Bishop. They were more than excited to put a shine to the gospel-tinged vocals over a heavily swung funk groove in “Ezekiel 37”.

Having a studio rich in analog gear and a box that carries a whole studio in Orion 32+ | Gen 3, Freemonk could hardy run out of tools to use for the mixing session. Running everything through an SSL 4000G console he was relying on the desk EQ and compression. The Gates Level Devil Model M5546 from the 50s added vintage compression and the Fender Super Reverb added life to the virtual keyboards by capturing the atmosphere of the room. Other analog gear included the Ferrograph Vintage Reel-to-Reel Tape Recorder and the Space Echo.

Some of the real-time effects of the Orion 32+ | Gen 3 that were used in the mixing session were: FET-A76, Tubechild 670, NEU-W495, Clear Q, Master De-Esser, Stay-Levin, ALT-436C, Impresser, BAE-1073, VEQ-55A, BA-6A, VEQ-4K BLACK.


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The Friary Studios @thefriarystudios

Ivo Sotirov (Audio Engineer) @ivo.sotirov

John ‘MckNasty’ @mcknasty_official

Noel Ò Mhuirí (Video) @noelomhuiri

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