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Ultimate FX Collection

Expert FX Collection

The 19 real-time effects in this bundle offer expanded creative scope that is all about the analog sound. Your recordings will never sound dull again – it’s easy to push the boundaries with the Expert Bundle.


Based on a vintage German microphone preamp hailed as the “Rolls-Royce” of tube mic preamps. The technical and engineering standards the V76 was built to were exceedingly high at the time.


Modeled after the most expensive and sought after tube compressor/limiter of all time – The Fairchild 670. This legendary beast from the 50s features a unique circuitry of 20 carefully matched valves and an array of 14 colorful vintage transformers that have shaped the sound of more hits than any other piece of gear in the history of music.


In modern production, adding tape saturation has become like adding reverb – you need it everywhere because nobody likes the sterile perfection of digital sound. With all the love and knowledge Antelope Audio founder Igor Levin has gathered about tape machines since the 70s, he set our team on a mission not to revive the classics, but to build the ideal tape machine of today.


Whatever music you are into, chances are a 4K has been heavily involved in your favorite records. Still, in use in major studios today, superseded by modern technology but never bested by it, the British 4K series large-format mixing consoles are iconic studio pieces that rightfully earned their respected place in recording history.


An authentic FPGA model of a vintage console channel strip EQ, the BAE 1084 is one of the most precise and versatile EQs you can ever get your hands onto. The EQ is a synonym for fat large sound with massive lows and a smooth high end. Its original analog design, which we’ve recreated, offers extended control over the sound spectre.

Master De-Esser

The long-anticipated debut de-esser plugin from Antelope Audio is here. The Master De Esser will help you clean your audio from any unwanted sibilant consonants which might have occurred due to a variety of reasons among which over compression, improper mic’ing or individual voice specifics. Unlike similar plugins the Antelope Audio Master De Esser is extremely easy to use and ­effective against any artifacts.

Opto 2A

This iconic unit from the 1950s is the compressor that started it all! A broadcast and recording studio legend, the Opto-2A’s continued use over half a century after its inception is a testament to its brilliance. Its exceptionally warm sound and gentle compression character make it a beloved piece of audio engineering for generations of artists and producers.


For the times when you are unable to stomp on a real wah pedal, get a reliable AutoWah to do that for you. Marble White replicates a boutique autowah pedal from Finland whose circuit is originally based upon a vintage rackmount wah and further refined to sound like a real wah pedal.


Guitar music in the late 70s was hugely impacted by the now recognizable and revered organic warmth of the Boss classic CE-1 Chorus/Vibrato pedal. Released in 1976, the CE-1 skyrocketed Boss to the top of the guitar chain by introducing a revolutionary design that was adopted by Andy Summers (The Police), Jeff “Skunk” Baxter (The Doobie Brothers), and John Frusciante (Red Hot Chili Peppers).

Vari-Speed Tremolo

Tremolo – the modulation effect that started it all! Before the first tremolo units came built into vintage amplifiers, nobody knew what guitar effects are. A simple concept it may be, but the tremolo went on to define the iconic sound of surf guitar and spurred a wave of innovation among musical equipment builders.

BAE 1073MP

Modeled after a ‘gold-standard’ British analog preamp known for its warmth and musicality. Its sonic signature is ubiquitous to the point of needing no further introduction, and it’s borderline impossible to make it sound bad.


COMP-4K-BUS is the famous ‘mix’ glue bus compressor of the 80s. It resides on the master bus of a fondly remembered series of vintage British consoles and its job is to bring together instruments and performances from tens of audio channels into one larger-than-life, cohesive whole.

Gyratec X

Gyratec X carries the might of a true tube stereo compressor! Widely recognized for its speed, and featuring technology used in early limiters like the coveted Fairchild 670, this Vari-Mu beast from Gyraf Audio comes alive in the Synergy Core domain!

Adaptive Vibrato

The gentle shimmer of a good vibrato is comparable to that of a great reverb, but without the space. To create our own take on what a great vibrato should be like, we started by examining some tried-and-true circuits then incorporated our impressions into a bespoke virtual unit that gives you a whole toybox worth of vibrato to play with!


The LANG-PEQ2 is modeled after a vintage solid-state parametric EQ from the 1960’s. Featuring controls similar to the VEQ-1A tube EQ, the PEQ2 really stands apart from the pack thanks to its frequency control, allowing users to set different and separate LF boost and LF cut frequencies.


Likely the most popular version of the EQ module, this unit was designed following the recommendations of many of the world’s top engineers. The ‘original black’ features a louder EQ with +-18dB cut/boost and a steeper High Pass cut off slope (18db).

Tube 176

The hardware original behind Tube 176 owes its sound to a unique variable-mu dual triode tube which is long out of production. Now this cult studio piece is brought back to life in the FPGA realm as a powerful, fast compressor, which can be used on everything — vocals, guitar solos, bass lines, drums, or even a full mix.


The venerable VEQ-56 originates from a line of American mixing desks made throughout the ’60s and ’70s. This 10-band graphic equalizer remains sought after long since its introduction. It is known for its many favorable aspects, among them its high headroom, consistency and ease of use. But most critically, it’s the trademark American sound!

Gyratec XIV

Inspired by the legendary Pultec passive EQP design the Gyraf Audio Gyratec XIV uses the same parallel filter topology as its older predecessor whilst extending its versatility and capability to new staggering heights.